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Continuing the dog groomimg routine during winter

4 professional groomers share with us the main reasons why, it is necessary for both pets and us alike to maintain our dog’s grooming routine throughout the year, in order to ensure we maintain good hygiene and health. We warmly

Top Dog Tips

Dry, itchy skin in our dog and how we can help it!

Their skin, just like in humans, is a dog’s largest organ and it constitutes their “firewall” from the external environment. The skin barrier, the outer layer of the skin, protects against harmful external factors and ensures skin hydration by preventing

Top Dog Tips

Best Bathing Process Using Top Dog Shampoos and Conditioner

Bathing is the most important procedure during grooming. It is crucial to deliver the optimal washing steps in order to get the coat clean and manageable. Top Dog shampoos and conditioner have been developed for demanding coat restoration and constitute