“Top Dog Pet Products” was established in 2012 in Chania of Crete island with a main focus on innovative grooming products for pets using natural ingredients and new scientific methods.
Every Top Dog product combines natural active ingredients and essential oils which transfuse unique properties and coat textures according to the needs of the pets.
Top Dog is listening carefully the industry experts and professional groomers and has achieved to develop a strong portfolio which is constantly enriched with high quality new products, avoiding the use of ingredients that have been scientifically accused for side effects, health issues or allergic reactions such as colorants, parabens, paraffin oils, propylene glycol, phthalic esters etc.
Our research and development team is constantly searching and making use of the new scientific data and novel ingredients that are aligned with the health and well-being of the pets since in the contemporary societies represent essential members of a family.
After the very successful steps in Greece and the happy customers that used its products, Top Dog is targeting new markets where the need for high quality professional grooming products is paramount.

Top Dog



  • Respect for the Environment:
    Recyclable packaging with biodegradable raw materials.
  • Innovation / Know-how:
    Upgrading and exploring the current knowledge about pet coats and searching for new groundbreaking ingredients that make the difference to the final results.
  • Animal testing:
    None of our products has or will be tested on animals. Raw materials are tested for their safety with great rigor and extensive laboratory testing of finished products based on their use for grooming.
  • Performance / Quality:
    Creating quality products with respect initially to the particular needs of pets that promote their health and well-being, with respect for the human and the environment.
  • Specialization:
    Advanced products that meet the pet’s special needs, creating a wide range of products so that each pet can have the perfect product according to his needs and not just by the length, type or color of the coat.
  • Passion:
    Our primary concern is always to maximize our knowledge. Profit is always the result of true and hard earned outcome and not the main reason of our work.
  • Integrity / Responsibility:
    If products do not do what they claim, we do not sell.