Ear & Skin Care Solution 150ml

95% ingredients of natural origin

Spray 3 in 1 : Deodorant, Ear Care and Wound Relief

  • Suitable and Safe For Dogs and Cats
  • Hypoallergenic  / Water Based
  • Free of Parabens / Colorants / Alcohol / Silicones / SLS / SLES

150ml e / 5.07 fl.oz. e

– No Added Salt / No Thickening Agents / No Nanomaterials

Top Dog Peppermint Oil
Top Dog Tea tree Oil

Short Description

Ear & Skin Care Solution neutralizes malodours that derive from bacteria and protects from their growth. It consists of fast action Silver micro particles that boost the defense against bacteria, moulds and yeasts. The mixture of emulsifiers in combination with Tea Tree and Mint essential oils offers deep cleansing and relief.


Distilled Water, Silver Microparticles 24ppm, Emulsifiers, Mentha Arvensis Leaf Extract, Melaleuca Alternafolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil.

Use Instructions

For Ear Care: Spray on a cotton bud or directly in the ear and clean the ear canal.

For Wound Care: Spray directly on the wound.

For Deodorizing Effect: Spray directly on the whole area of the coat and try to incorporate the product in depth. Avoid spraying the eyes and nose of the pet. If this occurs wash with water.  Can be used daily for better results.