Best pet products- Our Top Dog Best Sellers

Top Dog is now an established Greek manufacturing company, producing high-quality natural dog and pet grooming products such as pet shampoos, dog fragrances, pet conditioners and masks as well as pet styling and pet skincare products.

For years now, pet owners (and pets themselves!) love the natural ingredients of our products, their high quality, their amazing smell, and the philosophy and commitment of our company to produce pet cosmetics and pet dermaceuticals for dogs and pets such as cats and rabbits. In this blog article, we will elaborate on our best-selling pet grooming products according to our beloved customers – pet guardians and pets, veterinarians, pet shops, and pet groomers.

Best pet products- Our Top Dog Best Sellers

Baby Powder Dog Shampoo

On top of our best dog products lies the Baby Powder shampoo: This hypoallergic pet shampoo consists of 94% natural ingredients, 80% active Aloe as well as Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil Panthenol and Vitamin E and offers impeccable coat cleaning while simultaneously strengthening and moisturizing your dog’s coat. Being highly concentrated and free of alcohol, colorants, silicones, and SLS is suitable for all coat types, even for dogs with very sensitive skin, offering your pet an optimal bathing experience.

dog conditioner shampoo with Baby powder aroma- hypo-allergic dog shampoo with natural ingredients - κοντίσιονερ σαμπουάν σκύλων με άρωμα Baby Powder- Top dog pet grooming products

Best Dog fragrance- Baby Powder Dog Fragrance

Alongside our best dog shampoo, the Baby Powder fragrance  with its distinctive baby powder scent is also a best-selling Top Dog product. Our dog fragrance offers strong coat hydration containing Panthenol, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E, has a balanced pH,  has water-based hypoallergenic composition and is an ideal all-around dog fragrance for frequent use to maintain your dog’s grooming and coat health.

fragrance for pets - dog pet fragrance - Top dog Eau de Toilette animal fragrance

Best Dog Shampoo- Cookies Shampoo and Conditioner

Another best-selling dog shampoo is the Cookies Dog Shampoo & Conditioner. With high-quality ingredients, a fabulous cookies scent it provides your pet’s skin deep cleaning and moisturization, while also having antiseptic and antifungal properties.

pet shampoo with antifungal effect - dog 2 in 1 shampoo: shampoo and conditioner - pet shampoo with biscuit flavor

Shampoo for white dogs- Our Whitening Shampoo

Pet owners and especially dog owners and dog groomers that are grooming white-coated dogs are astounded by our Whitening dog shampoo. With the ability to remove unwanted yellow stains and with its enhanced composition, it gives your pets a natural white shine without containing hydrogen peroxide, harsh chemicals or bleaching agents while providing impeccable cleaning and skin hydration.

Specialized dog shampoo for white coats - dog shampoo with bright white coat free of hydrogen peroxide

Dog stain removal dry cleaning foam – Our dry cleaning dog shampoo

Very high in the list of the best products for the daily care of their pet, our customers found the solution in dealing with the stains on their dog after their daily walk or play in the garden with Top Dog Dry Cleaning Shampoo for pets. With Dry Cleaning you can easily remove stains from your dog’s hair, it does not need rinsing, leaves no residue, and neutralizes stains and odors at the point of application.

pet shampoo for dry cleaning - natural dog shampoo - "Top Dog" natural hypoallergic pet shampoo and fragrances

Dog ear cleaning and skin care deodorant spray

The excellent all-rounder deodorant cleansing spray for pets’ ears and skin  is of course on the pet owners’ list of the necessary care products for their pet. Ear & Skin 3in1 is ideal for cleaning your dog’s or cat’s ears, while thanks to its deodorant action, it effectively prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause unpleasant smells. In combination with the rest of our top pet grooming products we lovingly take care of the daily hygiene of your pet.

fragrance spray for dogs and pets - deodorant dog spray for ear care and wound relief - pet grooming products wholesale manufacturers

Home Care – Top Dog PET FABRIC REFRESHENER – Get rid of unpleasant odors in your home, car, clothes, and furniture

Knowing from experience, having the know-how, and lovingly caring for the harmonious coexistence with our pets, we designed a home care product that our customers have loved and can’t do without. Top Dog PET FABRIC REFRESHENER immediately neutralizes unpleasant odors and gives a wonderful freshly washed essence. Lavender and Chamomile smelling carpets, sofas, floors, beds, backpacks, car seats, fabrics, clothes, pet toys, shoes, etc. Enjoy a fragrant home with Top Dog Pet Fabric Refreshener.

Dog Spray - Dog pet fabric refresher - odor eliminating dog spray

Explore our “Top Dog” product philosophy

All our products are available nationwide (Greece) through the network of Top Dog partners in pet shops, vet clinics, and pet grooming salons. See now the available points of sale or contact us for more information and give your pets the Care, Shine, and the protection they deserve!

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