Top Dog

Best Bathing Process Using Top Dog Shampoos and Conditioner

Bathing is the most important procedure during grooming. It is crucial to deliver the optimal washing steps in order to get the coat clean and manageable. Top Dog shampoos and conditioner have been developed for demanding coat restoration and constitute multi-functional products with added value for the most demanding professional.

In order to provide the best bathing, the following steps should be followed

Step 1. Build rapport with your customers’ pets. Play, caress and treat if necessary. This will give crucial time for the pet to adjust to the new environment.

Step 2. Escort the pet to the bathing area and gently put is in the bathing tub

Step 3. Dilute the Top Dog Shampoo with lukewarm water according to the designated dilution instructions (Most of cases 20 parts of water : 1 part of shampoo)

Step 4. Do not prewash with tap water. Instead use about half of the diluted shampoo directly on the dry coat of the pet. This will help the shampoo to bind more efficiently with the dirt. In order to increase the washing effectiveness start from the rear legs and finish with the head.  After the coat is fully covered with the diluted shampoo, start massaging thoroughly throughout the body. It is important to massage repeatedly because this process helps the hair scales to open, the dirt to bind strongly with the shampoo and the shampoo/conditioner nurturing ingredients to pass through the hair shaft. When massaging, it is normal to observe little to no foaming when performing the first hand. During the second hand process the shampoo foaming will be very increased, which is an indication that the coat has been successfully cleaned.

Step 5. Towel dry and use detangling or combing products on the areas that have knots or hair masses. Our suggestion is to use Miracle Detangler and Easy Comb respectively.

Step 6. Blow dry fully your pet with the help of a brush/slicker. Pay special attention on knots and and try to de-tangle simultaneously with drying process.

Step 7. Enjoy the great and fast grooming process and result. Warning: Top Dog products are highly addictive!