Top Dog

How De-tangling Products Work

De-tangling and De-matting can be a frustrating process for any professional groomer. In order to facilitate the process, certain products contain materials that minimise the static electricity and render the combing and knot removal easier and painless for the pet. In order to achieve the maximum performance of a product, it is necessary to have a clean coat. It is rather ineffective and extremely tormenting for the pet and the groomer to start the de-tangling processing before bathing. Even spraying antistatic products before bathing reduces their effectiveness and penetration the due the cumulative dirt on the external part of the hair. On a clean coat, using Miracle Detangler on the knot works as it says “Miracles”. When having a matted pet, it is crucial to use shampoo with antistatic properties such as Baby Powder, Flower Mix, Cookies, Fruit mix, Narcissus. If Top Dog Conditioner is used, it will have a synergistic effect with the anti-static shampoo and the detangling/dematting process will be times greater. Finally, if Miracle Detangler and Easy Comb is used during the drying process the dematting/de-tangling process will be extremely fast, residue free and carefree.