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Hair – Our favorite subject!

Today we are talking about the long-haired dog breeds and their grooming needs, suggesting a Top Dog products combination that will help them acquire and maintain a healthy and well-groomed coat!

Types of coats in dogs

We can observe different types of coats in the various breeds of our beloved four-legged friends – with several variations even between individuals of the same breed. On the first level, the basic categorization is dogs with short or long hair, with single or double coats.

The function of skin and hair in dogs

But let’s first look at the function of skin and hair in dogs, to better understand the importance of regular care and maintaining good hygiene.
The skin together with the hair are the largest sensory organ of dogs and are both their shield against irritation, infections, parasites, and other elements of the external environment as well as regulators of their body temperature and moisture.

A well-groomed, clean, and well-tended coat, apart from being always a wonderful sensation – both in appearance and to touch – is mainly an important factor of health and well-being for them.
The length and type of coat are mainly determined by genetic factors but also by environmental factors, as the climate, the length of daylight, and other factors can affect hair growth.

Characteristics of long-haired breeds

Long hair, either straight and silky, or dense, full, and curly, single, or double is found in breeds of all sizes and temperaments.
Some of the most characteristic long-haired breeds are dogs that belong to the categories of Spaniels, Maltese, Shepherds, Coleys, Setters, Retrievers, Griffons, Schnauzer as well as more special breeds such as Afghan Hounds, the Great Pyrenees, Lhasa Apso, Puli, St. Bernard and several others including mixed-breed combinations.

Although the grooming needs of each dog are distinct even among individuals of the same breed, long-haired breeds generally tend – with a few exceptions – to have relatively to quite increased grooming needs. The long length favors the creation of knots, the coat is more easily tangled, and depending on the actual length (e.g., all the way to the floor), the environment and the everyday life of the dog, this type of hair is prone to retain dust and moisture and tends to create mats.

The length and density of the coat also ensure warmth to the dog and keep it warm during the winter months but also require the appropriate care during the warmer months to keep it cool.
Therefore, the increased grooming needs of these breeds should be a significant factor in the decision to integrate a long-haired representative of the species into your life, as your everyday life and temperament should be able to support these needs, thus ensuring the health and quality of your cohabitation with the dog you love.

If you “adopt” a home grooming routine combined ideally with a routine of visiting a professional groomer and maintaining the hygiene and appearance of the coat you will be a proud parent of an impressive dog with a rich coat, photoshoot-worthy!

So, how can you take care of the skin and coat of your beloved four-legged friends at home, and both enjoy an impressive and well-groomed coat that reflects health?.

Combination of Top Dog products for the grooming of a long-haired coat

The ideal set of products for the care of long-haired breeds consists of a rich, nutritious, and moisturizing Shampoo (you can read more about the dog bath routine, a Conditioner, or Mask depending on the needs of the hair, and a combing and detangling product for the daily brushing.
Since, as already mentioned, the grooming needs are not always determined only by the breed of the dog or the length of the coat, it is advisable to look for the right product based on the specific characteristics of each dog and its needs or everyday life. Our veterinarian and/or a professional dog groomer can advise us appropriately.


Top Dog KERATIN COMPLEX Shampoo designed for long, wired, silky, and hard hair will give the coat an amazing professional result. Containing 40% active Aloe Vera, Olive oil and with rich content of triple function plant-based Hydrolyzed Keratin, restores damaged hair, smooths the frizz, reduces hair loss, and gives shine. Additionally, Keratin Complex’s Argan oil content offers intense hydration without weighing the coat.

Conditioner for nourishment and hydration

Top Dog Conditioner is a rich nutritional emulsion that moisturizes in-depth, enriches the hair containing Panthenol, plant-based Keratin, and Vitamin E, and restores health even to the most damaged or broken hair. It helps considerably in softening the knots and accelerates the drying process due to its unique composition.


Top Dog Easy Comb or Top Dog Miracle Detangler for more demanding coats will help in daily brushing of the coat (always follow the direction of the hair) as their application resets the static electricity, prevents frizz and ripple of the coat, gives a silky texture, keeps the natural flow of the hair while nourishing it, gives shine and makes the process of knotting removal painless for the pet.

!!! NOTE: For optimal results always read and follow the instructions for use found on the packaging!

For the final touch, you can use any Top Dog Fragranced Lotion you prefer to enhance hydration, and hugs with your pet will get a new meaning!

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