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Does my dog feel cold? Myths and facts

Does my dog feel cold? The answer is yes- there are conditions in which our dog can get cold during their walk or in the case of dogs living outdoors. There is often the misconception that dogs (and cats) do

Dog grooming tips, advices & common mistakes on animal care

Dog Grooming Care There are many dog grooming ideas that we endorse while also pinpointing some common mistakes that pet parents who are using our products do while grooming their dog and that could affect the grooming’s results and duration.

How to groom a curly hair dog. Tips from Top Dog!

A Dog with Curls? Awesome! Let’s make them perfect! How to groom a curly hair dog: Tips from Top Dog! General characteristics We find curly or wavy coats in dog breeds like Poodles, Labradoodles, Terriers (Kerry Blue, Airedale, Bedlington a.o),


Do you actually know what nature can offer for your pet? Our wonderful planet has bequeathed to us valuable little treasures that can heal us, alleviate our pain, care for us, and make us more beautiful. You will find this

Cat Bath. When do we bathe our cat?

Cats! The finest groomers! They are perhaps the most diligent groomers of the animal kingdom and those who share their home and daily life with a cat, know that their personal hygiene is an absolute priority. They are rightfully considered


Hair – Our favorite subject! Today we are talking about the long-haired dog breeds and their grooming needs, suggesting a Top Dog products combination that will help them acquire and maintain a healthy and well-groomed coat! Types of coats in

Top Dog Best Sellers

Top Dog Best Sellers Grooming and maintaining good hygiene is an integral part of ensuring the health and well-being of our pets. Are you a new pet parent and find it difficult to choose the ideal product for its grooming

Our dog’s shedding! It is as natural as their hair.

Our dog’s shedding! It is as natural as their hair. Almost all breeds of our four-legged friends – some more than others – go through the so-called seasonal shedding, which is nothing more than the perfectly normal mechanism for their

Dry, itchy skin in our dog and how we can help it!

Their skin, just like in humans, is a dog’s largest organ and it constitutes their “firewall” from the external environment. The skin barrier, the outer layer of the skin, protects against harmful external factors and ensures skin hydration by preventing

Continuing the dog groomimg routine during winter

4 professional groomers share with us the main reasons why, it is necessary for both pets and us alike to maintain our dog’s grooming routine throughout the year, in order to ensure we maintain good hygiene and health. We warmly

Active, plant origin ingredients and essential oils in Top Dog Products

Do you actually know what nature can offer for your pet? Our wonderful planet has bequeathed to us valuable little treasures that can heal us, alleviate our pain, care for us and make us more beautiful. You will find this


USE OF DOG CONDITIONER/MASK Is it important to use a conditioner/mask when grooming a dog? The short answer is that it is necessary to use a conditioner or mask after bathing our dog, but also that some dogs need it

Responsible Adoption Guide especially in 2020.

The unprecedented conditions we are experiencing in 2020 due to the pandemic and the alternating quarantines have disturbed the daily routine and balance in the lives of all of us. Animal welfare organizations and municipalities report an increasing interest in

Bath routine at home

Would you like to set up a new bath routine with your pet and do not know how to get started? Here are some simple steps you can take to begin the process with less stress. Grooming our pets is

The pH in Dog Shampoos – Myths and Truths

What is pH? Based on its definition, pH is the negative logarithm of the concentration of hydrogen cations (H +). Since this might seem tricky, practically the pH is a scale that shows how many times a mixture, solution, material,

How Whitening Shampoos Work

Getting directly to the point, there are six types of whitening shampoos. Each one has its upsides and downsides. 1. Bluing Shampoo This shampoo type is adding the violet colour on the orange/yellow pallet of the hair and results in

How De-tangling Products Work

De-tangling and De-matting can be a frustrating process for any professional groomer. In order to facilitate the process, certain products contain materials that minimise the static electricity and render the combing and knot removal easier and painless for the pet.

Best Bathing Process Using Top Dog Shampoos and Conditioner

Bathing is the most important procedure during grooming. It is crucial to deliver the optimal washing steps in order to get the coat clean and manageable. Top Dog shampoos and conditioner have been developed for demanding coat restoration and constitute

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